Banking holidays in the Netherlands 2016

List of public holidays in the Netherlands, when all banks in the country remain closed.
The Netherlands has 13 main holidays, all of them are listed below.

January 1, 2016, Friday – New Year’s Day
March 25, 2016, Friday – Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday)
March 27, 2016, Sunday – Easter Sunday
March 28, 2016, Monday – Easter Monday (Monday after Easter Sunday)
April 26, 2016, Saturday – King’s Day (observed) ( If April 27 is a Sunday, the Saturday is a holiday)
April 27, 2016, Wednesday – King’s Birthday
May 4, 2016, Wednesday – National Remembrance Day (Dodenherdenking, not a public holiday)
May 5, 2016, Thursday – Ascension Day (40 days after Easter)
May 15, 2016, Monday – Whit Sunday
May 16, 2016, Monday – Whit Monday (7th Monday after Easter. Also Known as Pentecost Monday)
December 25, 2016, Sunday – Christmas Day (Eerste Kerstdag)
December 26, 2016, Monday – Boxing Day (Tweede Kerstdag. Celebrated on 26th December. Typically it will be moved and celebrated on the next weekday if 26 December is a Saturday or Sunday)

Carnival, celebrated in the south of the Netherlands is not an official holiday, however many people in the south take the week off to celebrate.

Good Friday is a National Holiday, but it is not a mandatory day off for commercial companies. However, most (semi-)governmental organizations, banks, and insurers honor this day with a day off work. If time off is given on this day, it is usually a mandatory day off work, subtracted from workers’ holidays, whereas other national holidays do not count towards paid holiday allowance.

King’s Day (formerly Queen’s Day) is a massive celebration in Amsterdam. Sinterklaas on 5 December is a traditional Dutch holiday which is typically celebrated at home.

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