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ASN Bank is the largest bank in the Netherlands in the field of sustainable investing and saving, distinguished by a focus on responsible and sustainable banking and therefore supports projects that focus on corporate social responsibility.

The bank was founded on May 1, 1960 by the Dutch Confederation of Trade Unions (NVV, later merged into the current FNV) and the Centrale insurance company (now REAAL).

As of February 1, 2013, the Dutch government nationalized the parent company SNS REAAL, and hence the ASN Bank, which the company was taken over by the Dutch state.

Main activities:

  • Finance
  • Asset management
  • Investments
  • Mortgage
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Key statistics indicatiors

Revenue (2010): € 9.4 billion
Profit (2010): € 43.1 million

Head office location

Bezuidenhoutseweg 153,
2594 AG Hague,
The Netherlands

Postal address:
Antwoordnummer 1188,
2501 WB Hague,


ASN Customer service: 0800-03 80 (free)
From abroad: +3170 - 356 9333
ASN and Balance Transfers Line: 0900 - 0280

Debit cards Panel: 0800 - 0313 (free)
From abroad: +3130 - 2835372

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