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Rabobank (or Cooperative Centrale Raiffeisen – Boerenleenbank BA) is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company, part of the Rabobank Group, one of the largest financial services providers in the Netherlands.

Currently, the bank consists of 136 independent cooperatives (local banks), which all have a bank license from the Netherlands’ Central Bank.

In the Netherlands, the company operates through a network of 802 branches and 2,735 ATMs, where it serves around 7.5 million customers, of which nearly 6.8 million are individuals.

Products and services:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Leasing
  • Real estate
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Key statistics indicatiors

Total assets (2012): EUR 771 billion
Net profit: EUR 1.3 billion
Branches (in the Netherlands): 911
Branches (outside the Netherlands): 682
Employees (2013): around 59,506

Head office location

Croeselaan 18
3521 CB Utrecht,
The Netherlands

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 17100
3500 HG Utrecht,
The Netherlands


Tel.: +31 (0) 30 216 0000

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