Netherlands: The European Financial Center

Netherlands: The European Financial CenterKingdom of the Netherlands is a country with centuries-old traditions of trade and business, the spirit of cosmopolitanism and tolerance. Over recent years, the country has grown into a major financial, commercial, transportation and industrial center with a developed infrastructure and a powerful energy sector.

To date, the Netherlands consolidated their right to be called one of the business centers of the world: major financial flows flocking here, also here are the headquarters of major international companies, offices of the leading industrial enterprises and representative offices of many foreign banks.

Thoughtful legislation, transparency of the tax system, political stability, predictability and long term economic policies to stimulate domestic markets, support for small and medium businesses, the compactness of the country and a favorable geographical location are the success factors for doing business in this country. It should be noted that the main advantages of the Netherlands applies to unique tax system that creates a favorable climate for doing business on behalf of the Dutch company, as well as the use of Dutch holdings and funds in international tax planning schemes.

Dutch business is dynamic, internationally oriented and, like everything in this amazing country has a well-oiled machine and the clear structure of all processes. The country has all the necessary conditions for a successful business, there is no corruption and state provides social protection and safety of its citizens.

Also, a big plus is the lack of a language barrier for foreigners: English informally is the main language of business and about 95 percent of the population uses it fluently, which greatly facilitates the integration of newcomers into Dutch businessmen society.

Along with favorable conditions for business and business development, the country is also attractive of high quality of life, health care system and social security, low unemployment, and comfortable living conditions. Highly rated Dutch universities – another positive aspect for business immigrants, thinking about the future of their children.

While the economic crisis and caused a collapse in prices in real estate markets in many European countries, the real estate market in the Netherlands is relatively stable and is an excellent tool for reliable investment. In the global real estate market (Global Real Estate Transparency Index) Netherlands is in fourth place in terms of transparency of transactions and thus fall into the category of the most favorable countries for investment. Contribution to the Dutch real estate funds is a reasonable long-term investment and guarantee the safety of savings from inflation and devaluation.

Investments in the financial sector and venture capital investments can also be very interesting in the long run. Netherlands went down in history as a country in which there was established the world’s first stock exchange. Dutch banking system has one of the highest indices of credit. Dutch commercial banks have a reputation of reliable partners and offer a wide range of financial services.

Due to economic and geographical factors, the kingdom of the Netherlands is very attractive for foreign investors and businessmen. In turn, the country welcomes foreign investment in the economy, attracting foreign businesses and highly skilled professionals. The country’s legislation provides for special simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit for these categories of immigrants and their families. Opening a business in the Netherlands, investing or buying real estate guarantee obtaining a residence permit.

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