How to Open an Account in the ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands

How to Open an Account in the ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands When opening an account at the ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands, you can simply go to the bank’s website and open up an account online. Below are detailed instructions.

Step-by-step instructions

Just go to the webpage, and scroll down to the section that reads “Get to know ABN AMRO.” The very first link underneath that heading will be “Open an account.” Click on that and you will be brought to another page where you have to click “Open an account” again. This will finally bring you to the online form that you have to fill out to start the application process for a new account.

When you are on the application page you will have a series of questions to fill out. The basic questions should be self explanatory such as name, date of birth, post code, city, email address, and so on.

If you are not a resident of the Netherlands but plan to live there soon, then you have the option of entering in the city where you are going to live. You must also select if you are a resident, nonresident, international student or seasonal worker. After you answer these simple questions, just click the send button on the bottom of the page and your information will be sent to the banking advisers of ABN AMRO bank.

Within a short timeframe after you have submitted your application, you need to make an appointment to visit one of the local branches of ABN AMRO bank to meet with an adviser. This is just a standard meeting for new applicants where the bank adviser will ask for your identification and verify the information you had submitted on your new account application.

Make sure you bring your employment contracts and passport to help prove the information to be correct. If you are a citizen of the Netherlands, you will need your citizen service number as well. This is the number you are given when you register at the municipality where you are living.

If everything checks out fine, you will officially be a new account holder at ABN AMRO bank. All you will have to do at this point is to wait for your new debit card to arrive in the mail. This should take about 3-5 business days. The PIN number for the debit card will also be sent through the mail, but it will arrive in a separate letter for security reasons. After you activate your card and PIN number, you will be all set with your new account.

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