Opening an ING Bank Account in the Netherlands

Opening an Account in the ING Bank in the NetherlandsOpening an account in the ING bank normally takes around 20 minutes, and the entire process can easily be done within one of the many branches in Holland. Although the ING Bank is a Dutch financial institution, it has customers worldwide and deals with investments, personal finance, life assurance as well as normal everyday banking. 
As well as getting an account at any one of the several branches in the Netherlands, an account holder will enjoy internet banking access too. So, what are the key documents that the bank will need in order for you to open an account with the ING Bank?

– Official Proof of Address – This could be an EU Driving Licence, utility bill or letter from a solicitor
– Passport – A passport often gives the bank proof of who you are because of the photographic evidence associated with a passport. An identity card is also valid photographic proof, if you do not hold a passport yet.

Once you are inside the bank, and have brought along your documents, you will be appointed to see an advisor in-branch. You will also be advised on how you can download the mobile banking app on your smartphone where you’ll be able to check bank balances, make payments to your debtors, review any transactions and manage any savings.

Opening an Account in ING Bank for International Students

Most students would open an account with the ING Bank in order to pay tuition fees in equal, manageable instalments, make low-value transactions using the “ChipKnip” technology. This is especially useful for buying items under 20 Euros where carrying around small change is cumbersome or not possible.

A photocopy of your passport will be taken by the bank and the branch may also ask to see a certificate of registration which you will have received from your college or university. Students must be over 18 and reside in the Netherlands. Students should also be enrolled in a college or university that is based in the Netherlands, these are institutions called hogeschool.

All account applications involve filling out an application form; this takes place at the branch and is often done while the ING representative is taking photocopies of your registration documents and passport. To find your nearest branch in the Netherlands click on or call through to customer services at 020 22 888 88.

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