Rabobank’s Offerings for the Dutch Market

The Rabobank's Offerings for the Dutch MarketRabobank is a Dutch multinational bank that has its roots in Netherlands. It has been founded in the year 1972 and appears to be one of the oldest banks operating in Netherlands. It is spread across 722 locations in Netherlands and 769 locations outside Netherlands.

The bank operates under three major heads:

– Personal Banking
– Business Banking
– Commercial banking

Apart from the above three categories, Rabobank extends its branches as a finance provider to the agricultural sector as well.

Personal Banking

Rabobank offers the world class features to keep a track of your account. Think of your account at any point of time and you will have the services around you 24/7. With the flexibility of having telebanking and mobile banking services, banking has become a cakewalk. Trusted apps are available over android and iPhone making it more users friendly. The other value added services in this category also include e-statements, e-bill payments. Funds transfer is possible in one business day through pop-money service. Telebanking services are customised with specific touch tones set up for specific services such as transactions, fund transfer, overdraft protection etc.

Business Banking

Rabobank offers excellent solutions for the business firms. Business integrity is maintained by having the right kind of security. Online services of Rabobank lets you access and maintain your balance sheet anytime anywhere. The specialised services include Loan Dashboard. This particular service receives the business financial information electronically. This in turn helps you get rid of regular financial reporting and helps you keep track on the financial details and credit information. The service saves a lot on resources and has an extra security.

Commercial Banking

Rabobank has a commercial banking facility, which belongs to the highest cadre. Companies can blindly trust and carry out their business transactions. The services include real time balance check and a tracking system of the transactions. Account managing is pretty simple by 24/7 available online services. With all the above facilities and flexibilities, Rabobank also offers an application called “Trusteer Rapport”. This software helps protect the secure environment while transactions. The service will hinder the entry of all sorts of malware, thereby adding a firewall to the accounts. Rabobank supports private sector, real estate and public sector companies; helping them commercialise their business.


Rabobank is the world’s one of the top financier in the agricultural sector. Spread across 47 nations, Rabobank offers extensive service to the agricultural business. The client database has crossed more than 10 million and its increasing rapidly. Rabobank provides the best local solutions to your agricultural problems.

How to Open an Account

Consider the following steps:

  • Decide on the type of account you need. Savings account is the most sought after. The decision of the type is important as a bank account is the most important thing. Savings are secured only when it reaches the bank.
  • Know about the Rabobank’s balance tracking services and ATM locations.
  • Once you decide about the kind of account, grab an application form.
  • Fill the form with all details. Ensure that the details are true to the bottom. Any fraud or mysterious data might reject the account opening procedures.
  • Submit the required documents like a photo identity, address proof and income proof. The photos and the documents are very crucial. The bank will get down to the level of verification to the ground level. Security and background verification forms the backbone of any bank account.
  • Once you submit the required details, the bank provides you with the welcome kit and a start-up guide.
  • One can enjoy the services from then on. Internet banking services make it easier to handle the funds and transactions.

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